First Visit
There are many questions that a new client has to commit to therapy including:
-will this work for me?
-what is therapy like with this therapist?
-how long?
-what work do I need to do?

To answer these questions, we have you fill out some paperwork before an 1.5 hour assessment session where the doctor will understand your issues, goals and history. The doctor will then engage you in some therapy to give you a good feel for the process. At the end of the session, he will provide you with how he expects to work with you and about how many weeks it will take. If you agree to stay in therapy with him, you pay $150. If for any reason you do not want to continue, for any reason, you pay what the session was worth to you, even if that is nothing.

Hourly rates for subsequent sessions:

Individual therapy $100 to $150 an hour depending on service type
Performance and family/couple therapy $200 an hour
The Stress, anxiety and depression program $100 an hour

We do not take insurance, but we do provide superbills upon request for insurance reimbursement or HSA accounts.

We also invoice performance consulting for tax purposes.