You may be feeling overwhelmed with a sense of loss, injury, disconnection, anxiety, frustration at not finding a solution and questioning your future.

Staying on the same path will only make the pain worse.

There is a solution.

Dr. LaVine has amazingly recovered from physical, emotional, cognitive and existential injuries incurred when his yacht exploded in a fireball. His 20 year journey in recovery, including a doctorate in neuropsychology, provides him with insight and the gift of being a healer.

The practice’s remedies amplify the very best aspects of western science and philosophy meeting eastern ritual.  The solution blends systems theory, modern neuroscience, evidenced based psychological techniques, cognitive mind body practices and spirituality into a powerful program for healing deep and often complex psychological afflictions. 

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May 24, 2000

“NH Man critically injured in boat explosion”

Many of my clients say they decided to come to therapy after reading the story.

Call: 1-954.716.6702

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