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As a psychologist who specializes in treating neurological issues, I am an expert in stress, anxiety and other stress related disorders such as trauma, headaches, stomach issues or IBS, depression, and substance dependency. To their surprise, 35% of the patients with anxiety also have ADHD.   75% of those, have never been diagnosed.  Along with helping with attention, memory and planning for those with ADD; I work with patients with brain injury.

Most  discover a positive emotional change in that very first visit.  This instills new hope, a vital form of therapy first aid.  They find this a welcome change from feeling overwhelmed by negativity, anger, stress, anxiety, or depression.  Working with me they rediscover the positive emotions that are worth having, empathy, love, awe, joy, compassion, having a connection to someone or something …

Research has born out that the greatest factor in therapy is the rapport between the therapist and client call and see how well we connect!

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Unresolved stress caused by social and performance concerns, ADHD, loss, life changes, and/or day to day stressors is related:

  • to physical conditions  IBS, stomach and headaches, fibromyalgia and hypertension.
  • increased in passive coping strategies: eating, drinking, gambling, sleeping problems and other habits
  • over time leads to anxiety, which can further lead depression and worse.

Remarkable therapy for trauma, ADHD, performance and TBI

Let me tell you of my own story of resiliency and of recovering from TBI and  PTSD. My difficulties came from being blown through a boat bulkhead in a fireball from a gas explosion on my boat. I suffered 35% second and third degree burns and a serious TBI. With help, I have fully recovered – able to focus, memory intact, no startle response, no hyper-vigilance, no irritability, I sleep well with no more nightmares. Let me talk to you about recovering….

Couples or Family Therapy

Brief couples or family therapy helps couples or families quickly come to terms with differences.  More importantly in a few brief session it helps break destructive downward spiraling patterns and opens up new ways to solve problems.  Clients often are amazed at their capacity to change relationship dynamics and enjoy each other again.