Research shows that rapport with the therapist is significant to the success of therapy!  Authenticity, non-judgmental caring and true empathy are the keys to that rapport.  No charge for a phone consultation to see if you feel that rapport  

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Specialized treatment for anxiety and neurological issues including ADHD for individuals. Expert couples and family therapy.

TELEHEALTH Sessions.   Experienced Clinician

I understand and treat the “fight or flight” response, which creates the discomfort and pain associated with stress, general anxiety, PTSD (trauma), social anxiety, phobias, panic disorder, headaches, stomach issues or IBS, depression, and substance dependency. 

Therapies for anxieties, to fit your exact situation and personality, can include:

Client Centered Therapy, CBT, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Trauma Focused, Brainspotting (similar to EDMR) DBT, Solution Focused, Cognitive Mindfulness Based Therapy, and VR therapies.

Neurological rehabilitation, counseling and coaching

Stress, anxiety and depression are also common consequences to other issues; I treat or provide Psychological Assessments:

  • ADHD 5% of the adult population is impacted by attention, organization, impulse, and social issues from ADD.  35% have anxiety, 75% have never been diagnosed!
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  • Major life changes (both the patient and/or their family) created from neurological and other medical issues TBI, Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis (MS), and cancer.  Along with helping and rehabilitating attention, memory and planning skills; I work with patients loss of identity and acceptance using Existential therapies;
  • Couples and Family discord using Brief Gestalt Therapy;
  • Performance issues in sports or executive life style coaching from my professional experience.

My story is often why many patients say they called!

You will find true empathy and respect. Many of my patients say that I truly understand, as I have had their experience.  Experience born from having the life experience of a 65-year-old and a life changing event.  As a successful executive, I was living on my yacht when I was literally blown out of the engine room in a fire ball.  I suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury), 35% of my body had 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Over two years, I recovered from the burns and physical pain; but because of the brain injury I was stressed, anxious, traumatized and depressed, losing everything to the point of being on Social Security Disability.  I was no longer myself.  I needed to find a new identity.  I sought help! In the next eight years, I used earning my doctorate in clinical psychology to rehabilitate my executive functioning and find new meaning in life.

What can you expect on your first visit?

Most patients discover a positive emotional shift in their very first visit; a new hope, a vital form of therapy first aid.  This is a welcome change from the cycle of feeling overwhelmed by negativity, anger, stress, anxiety, or depression. I work with the body, mind and spirit. Working with us, you will quickly experience reduction in negative emotions, the ability to shift from negative to positive mood and rediscover the emotions that are worth having – empathy, love, awe, joy, compassion, having a connection to someone or something . . .

Research has born out that the greatest factor in therapy is the rapport between the therapist and client,

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or schedule a call or appointment (using schedule button) and see how well we connect!  Office location: 222 East Commercial Blvd. Lauderdale By The Sea, FL 33308.

Unresolved stress caused by social and performance concerns, ADHD, loss, life changes, and/or day to day stressors is related:

  • to physical conditions: IBS, stomach and headaches, fibromyalgia and hypertension;
  • increased in passive coping strategies: eating, drinking, gambling, sleeping problems and other habits;
  • over time leads to anxiety, which can further lead depression and worse.

Remarkable therapy for life’s challenges; ADD, TBI, Stoke, neurological issues and performance

Let me tell you of my own story of resiliency and of recovering from TBI and PTSD. My difficulties came from being blown through a boat bulkhead in a fireball from a gas explosion on my boat. I suffered 35% second and third degree burns and a serious TBI. With help, I have fully recovered – able to focus, memory intact, no startle response, no hyper-vigilance, no irritability, I sleep well with no more nightmares. Let me talk to you about resiliency. . .

Couples or Family Therapy

A comfortable office, with an experienced therapist providing brief couples/family therapy creates the safe place for couples or families to quickly come to terms with differences, breaking destructive downward spiraling patterns and opening up new ways to solve problems.  Clients often are amazed at their capacity to immediately  change relationship dynamics and enjoy time with each other again.